Data & AI for Neuroscience

Helsinki Brain and Mind network (HB&M), in collaboration with the Neuroscience Special Interest Group (SIG) of Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), organized an event to discuss challenges and opportunities related to the access and sharing of clinical and normative neuro and brain data needed in both the academic and industrial R&D.

Using and limiting the use of data for research is a topic that has been hotly discussed worldwide. It is a globally recognised challenge that needs to be solved. During the Data & AI for Neuroscience seminar, researchers, industry representatives, and policymakers were given the floor to add their voices / contribute to the discussion. Topics ranging from data infrastructures and possibilities of AI to research cooperation were brought to attention. 

The event participants were able to exchange thoughts and gain insights into the challenges and possibilities of data from various points of view.

Seminar presentations were recorded, and you can find them below.


Head of Development, Anne Patana, Helsinki Brain & Mind

Utilization of Data – Challenges and Opportunities

Professor of Brain Simulation, Director, Petra Ritter, Brain Simulation Section at Berlin Institute of Health Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin 
Towards an intelligent virtual human brain 

Senior Legal Specialist, Sandra Liede, HealthTech Finland
Legal challenges in accessing imaging data for health research and innovation purposes in Finland

Project Director, Health Data 2030, Markus Kalliola, Sitra
EU health union and the European Health Data Space

Special Envoy for Health & Wellbeing, Päivi Sillanaukee, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
 Finland in global competition – Policy maker’s view 

Data Infrastructures as Accelerators of Neuroscience

Professor, Chief Physician Tiina Paunio, University of Helsinki,  Helsinki University Hospital
Infrastructure for exploiting clinical sleep data *

Professor, Director of Aalto Brain Centre, Lauri Parkkonen, Aalto University, FCAI
Biomarkers for brain disorders through AI and normative modeling of brain- imaging data *

PhD, Director, Johanna Seppänen, Social and Health Data Permit Authority Findata
Findata – the one-stop-shop for secondary use of health data

Technical Project Manager, Technical Coordinator, Edith Euán Díaz, EBRAINS  EBRAINS – a shared digital brain research infrastructure for the EU

Possibilities of AI in Neuroscience and Clinical Applications

Post-doctoral researcher, DSc. (Tech) Manu Airaksinen, BABA Center, Helsinki   University Hospital
 Big challenges in creating clinically meaningful AI solutions: Case MAIJU smart   jumpsuit

MD PhD, neurologist Sini Laakso, HUS and Helsinki University
Algorithm development for lesion identification and prediction of new lesion locations in MS *

Head of the Laboratory, Assistant Professor Hanna Renvall, BioMag, Aalto   University
AI-Mind – developing tools for predicting dementia risk

Research Director, Director (acting) of HiLIFE Neuroscience Center Satu Palva,   University of Helsinki
Predicting disease progression in preclinical Alzheimer

Solutions Through Research Cooperation

Scientific Director of FinnGen project, Research Director, Aarno Palotie Institute   for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, HiLIFE, University of Helsinki, The Broad   Institute of MIT and Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, Dept of Psychiatry
The FinnGen project and the research ecosystem

Vice President, Research and Technology Vesa Varjonen, Planmeca
Enabled by multidisciplinary research collaboration: Automatic localization of   mandibular nerve canal makes dentists’ work easier

Lead Data Scientist Teijo Konttila, Tietoevry
From research to product development: Cases in oncology, neurological disorders, and rare diseases

Medical Manager Elina Jokinen, Novartis
Novartis Neuroscience – committed to research & innovation

*Funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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