Brain health through digitalisation

Brain health through digitalisation

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Uusimaa region has been very severe both from the economic and from the social perspective. In addition to the immediate healthcare burden caused by the pandemic, future healthcare is also challenged by the healthcare debt and long-term effects of the pandemic on people’s health. The global increase in the emergence of brain diseases has been growing for a long time, and the growth continues due to the aging population. Not only has the pandemic exacerbated the situation for those with existing mental disorders, but due to its widespread effects, it’s highly likely that the pandemic is followed by an increase in the emergence of mental health conditions. For Uusimaa to begin to recover from the impact of the pandemic quickly and efficiently, it is important to invest in new kinds of development and innovation activities to advance brain health. This would have a great impact on both the economic and social recovery from the pandemic. The overarching theme of this project is digital solutions and innovations to advance brain health. The project is carried

out by members of the Helsinki Brain & Mind network: the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and HUS, forming the

biggest neuroscience research and competence cluster in Finland in the capital region. The project goals are diverse

and the most important goals are i) creating a plan for utilising digital imaging and patient data in research and

development; ii) developing applications based on artificial intelligence for analysing brain imaging data; iii) advancing

the development of a secure and ethical data analysis environment; iv) developing new digital solutions for the

prevention and treatment of brain and mental health disorders with companies by utilising a co-development model; v)

creating an industrial collaboration cluster around the solutions and opportunities developed in the project; vi) carrying

out an investigation on the possibility of expanding the existing digital data pools by building data banks for stem cells

and sleep data.

Together, the actions carried out in this project will strengthen the activities of the neuroscience research, competence

and innovation ecosystem in the capital region, and create a unique opportunity for combining and utilising digital

patient records and other health data in a secure and sustainable manner. This will open up new opportunities for

research, healthcare and for the development of new kinds of businesses, as well as make Uusimaa region a

competitive and attractive site in the development of new digital solutions for brain health. Brain diseases affect all

people regardless of their age, sex or other personal background. We aim to promote equality by developing

accessible services for those who are suffering from an illness or other challenge in life. Whilst utilizing patient data

and developing new solutions, it is important to include data from both sexes, so that the solutions to be developed

would serve people as equally as possible.

The Helsinki Brain & Mind cluster will collaborate with other ecosystems, networks, projects and companies in

Uusimaa, rooting the activity in the region and advancing the international competitiveness and investment attraction

of Uusimaa. In addition, the cluster will work in collaboration with the recently established Neurocenter Finland,

advancing the execution of the national health sector growth strategy and Finland’s position at the top of digitalisation

and innovation development.

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