Helsinki Brain & Mind (HB&M) is a neuroscience network in the capital region formed by the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and HUS Helsinki University Hospital.

HB&M is a regional node of Neurocenter Finland in the capital region and promotes collaboration with the other regions, shown on the map.

The aim of HB&M is to bring together neuroscience research and infrastructures in the capital region, as well as to advance academic and industrial research collaboration in neuroscience. In addition, HB&M aims to promote research innovations and commercialisation.


Members of the Helsinki Brain & Mind steering group

(Chair; University of Helsinki)
Anne Patana (Secretary; University of Helsinki)

Ordinary Members

Satu Palva (Vice-Chair; University of Helsinki)
Merja Voutilainen (University of Helsinki)
Marko Kangasniemi (University of Helsinki)
Jouko Lampinen (Aalto University)
Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto University)
Nina Forss (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
Daniel Strbian (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
Tiina Paunio (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)

Deputy Members

Eero Castrén (University of Helsinki)
Petri Ala-Laurila (University of Helsinki)
Teppo Särkämö (University of Helsinki)
Matias Palva (Aalto University)
Hanna Renvall (Aalto University/ HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
Pentti Tienari (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
Leena Haataja (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)
Perttu Lindsberg (HUS Helsinki University Hospital)

Expert Members

Risto Ilmoniemi (Aalto University)
Henna Tyynismaa (University of Helsinki)


Anne Patana
Head of Development
+358 50 591 3279

Anni Kinnari
+358 50 478 7896

You can get in touch through our personal email, or at


Anne Patana
Head of Development Helsinki Brain & Mind, University of Helsinki